Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Seal Pup Release 17th January 2012

Hi guys, Im sorry for the lack of posts recently.

I hope to now keep up to date with this and to almost use it as a diary for me to keep up to date with my work and also to keep people informed about grey seals in Cornwall.

Yesterday (17th January) 5 seal pups were released on the North Coast of Cornwall from the Gweek Seal Sanctuary. These 5 pups had been rehabilitated after they were rescued earlier in the year. They were rescued for a number of reasons, some were abandoned by there mothers and some had injuries to their fins, preventing them from surviving natural in the wild.

It is great to see them going back to the wild, each with their own unique flipper tag which one day might help the Cornwall Seal group to identify it.

One of the young pups in the pool before release 

A close up to show some of the adaptions Grey Seals have gained. 

One of the young seals last look back at the people that have helped care for it over the past few months
before heading out to sea

Over the next few days I am hopefully shooting in some new locations, unfortunately I cant give any more information on these but my images (if I get them) will be up here shortly.


  1. so friendly animals, nice pictures, it seems that they are always cool and relaxed, well but there is their struggle for life.