Monday, 21 November 2011

Grey Seals from London?

So yesterday I was on the North Coast of Cornwall photographing anything going really. I ended up seeing a lot of stuff that I dont normally see, including dolphins off shore!
Once the dolphins had passed I started photographing a pair of seals playing just off the rocks in the shallow water. After a few minuets I realised that the seals had taggs on there flippers and I spent a few minuets trying to capture an image of these taggs to send to the Cornwall Seal Group for Identification.

The first tag said: "informLondon Zoo"
The second said : "80005"

I reported this data to the Seal group and I found out that, the seal with 80005 is a male called Triffid and he was last seen on 05/09/11.

This is the information I sent to the seal group with the images of the tags, 

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